One Inch to Make You More Gorgeous

Who dislikes walking properly? Or who don’t want to get the height of his/her beloved. Think about a situation where a man/woman putting his heart and soul to surpass these types of difficult situations. The situation becomes more complicated if he/she is your close friend/relative. It is because you have to lend a hand to them.

Here we would like to take the readers’ attention to an incident that happened in the past. A working professional Tutu (Name changed) was looking for a beautiful looking girl as a bride. Though the boy is handsome and good looking, he was of the opinion that he will get a bride without difficulty. Due to the repeated requests from friends and relatives, he decided to meet the bride.

Here starts the experience that Tutu can’t forget for a long time. It was at a coffee shop, he decided to meet the girl (whom he anticipated as his bride). The girl came in a car, she kept her foot. Till the time she reaches to Tutu, everything was under control and perfect. When he decided to wish by giving hand, everything has gone from his way.

Oh! “You are 1 inch Short”, he heard a sarcastic remark.

Making a glimpse of the girl, Tutu closed his eyes and without uttering a single word he runs away from the place.

After reaching the room he closed the door and fallen in a deep sleep. The next day he told the story – the bitter experience- without showing his anger and sorrow. Till he describes him, most of his friends were not giving prominence for height. It forces them to think differently.

The incident helped to find a solution for the problem0. It took them to elevate. After thorough research, they come to know that only one in this world can increase the height – Elevato Lorenzo Black.

It is only a story of a single person called Tutu. Look around you can see many. Recommend Elevato to keep them away from becoming another Tutu.